CometCAD version information markings:

! information only
+ addition
- bug fix

CometCAD 1.090 (2015-12-03)

! Help file updated.

! Quick start guide updated.

! Symbol library: 7SEG display symbol replaced with 1DIGIT.

+ Layout editor/CAM output: Cut-outs available in gerber or excellon format. Added selections for drill files: Holes with one pad plated and drill holes plated.

+ Layout editor/CAM output: Panel splitting with v-scoring or milling.

CometCAD 1.09 (L1) (exe-installer, 2'036'645 bytes)

CometCAD 1.09 (L1) (zip-file, 1'717'471 bytes)

CometCAD 1.080 (2015-05-11)

+ Layout editor/CAM output: Added pick and place file (PickAndPlace.txt) when PCB panel function is not active. All center points of parts, PCB border line and positions of round holes are listed.

! Library: Added symbol ADJ. REGULATOR. Added footprints DIL10D (7-segment display) and DIL36DB (DIL36D with 1 mm holes).

! Activated registration dialog also in level 1 application.

CometCAD 1.08 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'605'702 bytes)

CometCAD 1.08 (L1) (zip-file, 1'287'296 bytes)

CometCAD 1.070 (2014-12-10)

! Library: Removed package types from CPU symbols. Package types should be used in part names only.

! Layout Editor: Add Wire -function improved to connect a wire on snap grid to non grid pad/via making small fix (less than two snap grid units) in horizontal or vertical direction. The previous trace segment must be vertical or horizontal. Example: Connection between R107 and C106 in SWG.pcb.

- Layout Editor/Add Wire -function: When a trace begins from a trace the start point is selected using snap grid if "Fix trace segmens" check box is checked from Action/Options... dialog.

CometCAD 1.07 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'602'743 bytes)

CometCAD 1.07 (L1) (zip-file, 1'281'793 bytes)

CometCAD 1.060 (2014-08-20)

! Symbol Editor: Improved library file.

- Symbol Editor: Delete Group function fixed from group -dialog.

+ Layout Editor: Add Wire -function improved to connect a wire on snap grid to non grid pad/via making small fix in horizontal or vertical direction. The previous trace segment must be vertical or horizontal.

CometCAD 1.06 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'602'554 bytes)

CometCAD 1.06 (L1) (zip-file, 1'282'035 bytes)

CometCAD 1.05 (2014-07-10)

- Layout Editor: Fixed bottom side mask output. If the footprint had not symmetric bottom side mask (like TO-220VC), all rotation angles were not handled correctly.

! If there is a part name which cannot be selected with mouse, select the whole symbol/footprint by clicking a pin/pad. Then rotate forward and backward. This makes the part name accessible again.

CometCAD 1.05 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'625'314 bytes)

CometCAD 1.05 (L1) (zip-file, 1'303'293 bytes)

CometCAD 1.04 (2014-04-22)

! Symbol Editor: Symbol library page and group names are case sensitive.

- Circuit Editor: PCB transfer of multi-pin offpage connectors with footprints did not transfer all pin connections.

+ Symbol Editor: Added possibility to create new default library.

+ Symbol Editor/symbol menu: Added possibility to rename and delete library groups. Registered versions have possibility to import and export library groups from *.lgf files. Demo version has possibility to import and export single symbol using *.lpf files.

+ Symbol Editor: Misc menu/Library Info: Added library check/list function.

CometCAD 1.04 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'625'495 bytes)

CometCAD 1.04 (L1) (zip-file, 1'302'593 bytes)

Version 1.03 (2013-11-26)

! Layout Editor, CAM output/drill files: With dual sided boards plated holes are created only if there is a pad on both sides of the board.

- Circuit Editor: Fixed bug which could lead to a missing connection in PCB transfer when a wire is connected directly to a corner point of another wire.

- Layout Editor, copper planes: If there was a pad with hole on one side, but no pad on the other side, copper plane on this side had no clearance to the hole.

- Layout Editor, PCB error check with dual sided boards: If there was a pad with hole only on one side, PCB error check did not check the clearance near the hole on the other side of the board.

- Layout Editor: Possibility to add via has been disabled with single sided boards.

- The exe-installer sets modify file access right (for users) into installation directory (2014-01-13).

CometCAD 1.03 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'571'966 bytes)

CometCAD 1.03 (L1) (zip-file, 1'248'569 bytes)

Version 1.02 (2013-05-07)

- Symbol Editor: Symbol Information/Save As dialog did not change the contents of Group list items when footprint was added or removed. If the symbol contains a footprint, then only similar symbol groups containing footprint will be shown.

CometCAD 1.02 (L1) (exe-installer, 1'537'623 bytes)

CometCAD 1.02 (L1) (zip-file, 1'214'160 bytes)

CometCAD 1.01 (2013-04-10)

! Main icon has been changed.

CometCAD 1.0 (2013-03-24)

! Initial release.