This limited program is not free. However, free use (including commercial) and distribution of this demo is allowed. View the license terms.

System requirements:

- Windows 2k, XP, Vista or 7
- Color display (high resolution about 1000*800 pixels recommended)
- mouse with two buttons

The maximum limits are:

Number of circuit schematic sheets: 2.
Maximum 50 symbols/sheet.
Number pins/symbol: 999.
Number of symbols in the library file: 2000.
Printed circuit board size 102*102 mm.
PCB panel size 210*210 mm.
Number of copper layers: 2.
Maximum 250 package pins.


CometCAD 1.09 (L1) (exe-installer, 2'036'645 bytes)

CometCAD 1.09 (L1) (zip-file, 1'717'471 bytes)

A quick start guide (pdf) and example files are also included.